Quản lý Đa Tài khoản (MAM)

Quản lý Đa Tài khoản

For those industry professionals who require synchronized access to multiple MT4 accounts, our Multi Account Manager (MAM) technology is one of the solutions we can provide you. Whether as a money manager for other investors accounts or to coordinate multiple personal accounts, this manager enables the trader to execute block trades on multiple MT4 accounts from a single master account on a single terminal. The trades are allocated automatically to your customers, using a variety of customisable allocation methods. All trades can be managed in real time from a single MT4 application.

The MAM is integrated into the MT4 server and places a vital emphasis on speed of execution and reliability. When combined with our deep liquidity pool and advanced technology, the MAM becomes a powerful tool for the management of multiple trading accounts simultaneously.

Nó là một công cụ giàu tính năng với nhiều thành phần để quản lý nhiều tài khoản một cách liền mạch.

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