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About Margin Trading

Forex is our key product. We also have global stock indexes, commodities, crypto currencies and precious metals.

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Forex Trading

Leverage margin trading with IFS Markets. With up to 60+ currency pairs, we provide highly competitive spreads so you can take advantage of market opportunities.

About Margin Trading

Forex margin trading allows you to purchase more than what you’d usually be able to by utilising leverage. It can amplify your gains (or losses) without the need to divest your existing investments. When used judiciously, it may also help you hedge or diversify your portfolio. Margin trading involves significant risks and traders need to be aware of these before live trading.

Why Trade With IFS Markets

  • We accept all order sizes for FX margin trading.
  • You can run multiple positions for each currency pair which can be individually selected for closing.
  • Available leverage is from 1:100 to 1:400 (upon request).
  • No slippage under normal FX market conditions. Auto-fills ensure transparency.
  • Minimum transaction size of 0.01 lot (1,000 of the base currency).
  • You can run both long and short positions in the same currency pair at any one time.
  • Wide variety of order types, including Market, Limit, and Stop.
Trading Hours


Sunday 22:05


Friday 21:55


Daily 22:00-22:05*

Trading Hours During US Daylight Saving


Sunday 21:05


Friday 20:55


Daily 21:00-21:05*

*This five-minute break is performed to protect you from widening spreads, which may occur due to reduced liquidity, at the end of the day.

Forex Trading Examples

1. AUD/USD is now trading at 0.9300/0.9301
2. You decided to buy 1 lot (100,000) AUD at 0.9301
3. 1 hour later AUD/USD is trading at 0.9350/0.9351
4. You decided to close your position at 0.9350
5. Your profits = (0.9350-0.9301)*100,000
6. Net profits = 490 USD (profits/loss are always calculated in term currency (currency on the right)

Special Notice: Following our recent notice of the ASIC product intervention order, which would affect retail OTC market leverage ratios and other trading conditions, we have made a strategic decision to no longer accommodate retail clients under our ASIC licence effective from 28 March 2021. We will instead focus on Wholesale clients only.

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Before you decide whether or not to invest any products referred to on this website, being over the counter (OTC) derivatives, it is important for you to read and consider our Terms and Conditions (T&C) and Provacy Policy to ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Fees, charges and commissions apply. OTC derivatives, including margin foreign exchange contracts and contract for differences are leveraged products that carry a high level of risk to your capital. Trading is not suitable to everyone. You may incur losses that are substantially greater than your initial investment. You do not own, or have any rights to, the underlying assets which the OTC derivative is referable to. You should only trade with money you can afford to lose. There are also risks associated with online trading including, but not limited to, hardware and/or software failures, and disruptions to communication systems and internet connectivity.

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